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What is CarParagon?
Carparagon is a website dedicated to making it as quick & easy as possible to find the new car deal that's right for you. We work closely with our new car dealer partners to bring you an up to date range of promotional offers on the new car models that interest you, saving you time, money and the hassle of contacting multiple dealers directly. Shop around with ease, any time, anywhere, from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Your new car could be just a few clicks away.
Why should I use CarParagon to find my new car?
  1. Save Money: Shop special offers and promotions from our dealer partners on the new cars that interest you. The CarParagon service is completely free of charge to use.
  2. Save Time: Browse CarParagon any time, anywhere from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Our website has the largest listing of new cars in Thailand and our listings are live 24/7/365 so you can shop for a car when it suits you.
  3. Save Hassle: Browse cars and offers from multiple dealers in your local area, all via one web portal, and request a test drive of your chosen car with just a few clicks.
Why should I register and provide my contact information to Carparagon?
Our special dealer promotions on new cars are available to CarParagon members only. By registering with us, you can not only access the offers dealers make available to our members, but you can also request a test drive from any of our dealers with just a few clicks. Our service is completely free of charge to use, so why not give it a try?
Does CarParagon sell or service cars?
CarParagon is a listings website that allows you to compare offers from our dealer partners and to request a test drive with them quickly and easily. We are not a car dealership and do not sell or service cars directly. .
How was CarParagon started?
Carparagon was created by a group of people with many years of experience in the Thai automotive industry who wanted to improve the car-buying process for both customers and dealers by increasing the convenience and transparency of the car buying process.